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Welcome to Northminster Presbyterian Church

Glorifying God • Equipping Disciples • Serving Others

Northminster Presbyterian Church is committed to seeking out and serving God, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and reaching out to others.

We are a community of family and friends who enjoy each other’s company, support each other unconditionally, and are united in our desire to make the world a better place through the Word of Jesus Christ. We are dedicated to tolerance and justice and we advocate for all of God’s children. In serving others and caring for those less fortunate, we draw closer to Jesus.

All Are Welcome In This Place.

Sunday School for ages 3 yrs to Adult is at 9:15 AM      Worship follows at 10:30 AM





February 2018

Seeking the Truth

The truth of our Presbyterian faith comes honestly and decently—straight at us, not clothed in selfish agendas. What is your truth?

December 2017

Celebrate the Advent Season

Advent is the time when we wait expectantly for the coming Christ. We reflect about the meaning of Christ’s gift to us and how, without Christ we are people lost to ourselves.

November 2017

Why Do You Go To Church?

This is a question that I am sure all of us have been asked more times than we can remember. It’s a question that the “asker” queries us, expecting to receive back a short answer. I believe that they often expect to hear something about Jesus in our reply.

September 2017

Seeing Beyond The Surface

It is in our DNA to reform, rebuild, remodel, repurpose, reclaim, rehab, replenish and rebirth those things that we see through the lenses of faith. You might say that the church is in the “re and we” business.

August 2017

Preparing For Growth

We look optimistically toward the future but will also keep Northminster the special place that it is.

July 2017

Guess What? Millennials Are People!

We want young families! That is the common cry among mainline churches of today. We want to grow the church, is the second most common refrain heard by pastors today from our members. Where are they, is next on the list of common questions as to how to move the church forward into the future. In this post I have included some interesting charts with statistics. […]

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