Today we have blogs, tweets, video messages and sermons that float about in the ether of the internet and offer up, “truths as individuals sees them.” It is important that we understand that today’s technologies that present “truth” may, in fact be a distortion of reality. These distortions are predicated upon a message that is the creation of the individual or institution for the promotion of their personal agenda. They may in fact be manipulations of truth. I have been lately been looking to more reliable and trusted news sources such as The New York Times, The Washington Post and the BBC news. I have found that free information news sources are about worth the price you pay for them. Good information comes from good people, honest solid hard work and accurate reporting. I have been getting out and meeting you. In homes and hospitals and in meetings. I am learning about the traditions of this church. I am learning your truths and facts. Seth has done good work in this congregation. A firm spiritual foundation was laid. You have fine Elders and Deacons. The Good News is alive here. What needs to happen while I am here as interim pastor is to redirect the energy of the church to a more focused ministry. Missions and ministries that connect with our community. We need a more youthful approach to our outreach, programs and worship. Your elders will be working hard to redirect the energy of this church. God’s spirit is alive within our church and we are moving forward. I am proud of your commitment to Jesus Christ. Northminster is a church that affirms neighbors, children, and the disadvantaged. Christ calls us to serve, the widow, the orphan and the stranger. We meet; “the least” of those, that Christ commanded us to meet in their desperation (Jamaica mission). We walk beside them, we feed and clothe those that have great needs. We do not denigrate; we rejuvenate those that have been hurt by injustice and are in need of grace. That is true to the gospel of Jesus Christ. These types of ministries are what young folks today want to be a part of today. The real deal, the honest efforts, missions that are making a difference. We will spread this “honest and real” news of what we are doing with increased efforts in Social Media, our Web Site and through direct mail. Some change is coming as we refocus. I want all of us to be thinking about legacy. What legacy do I wish to pass on to the next generation. I want each of us to be thinking of a new commitment to growth. We will your energy, your time and your financial support. That is the truth. Each of us will need to contribute a little something that we have been holding back. I will work hard to position this church for a solid launch toward the next chapter in its history. I ask you to join me and help in that effort. Thanks be to God.