Easter Sunday is the day that we acknowledge the resurrection of Christ Jesus. The earthly Jesus of Nazareth has ascended to the heavenly realm and the cosmic Christ is the acknowledged leader of the present and future church. Christ Jesus is always leading the earthly church forward. We need to remember that, as we, the church moves forward in time. Christ is always leading us. The future church is always a reflection of what we are today and what we are becoming. So, it’s important that we think in terms of what do we look like as the church at this present moment to those that “have eyes to see.”

What does a visitor or member see today when they look at the present life of Northminster. Someone coming to worship for the first time will see a “today / now picture” of where Northminster is headed. They will see the trajectory that the church is moving along. They will see the following. 1.) There is a good size worshiping community here. 2.) The church is active in local and national and international missions. 3.) There are children in the congregation. 4.) The congregation is welcoming and affirming. 5.) Northminster is actively reconnecting to its community through neighborhood associations and elementary schools. 6.) Northminster is transitioning toward a new future with new leadership.

In short, Northminster is a church on the move, not a church of the stagnant or a church of the yesterday. Visitors see the Northminster church of today and the church of the becoming. They will know little of the past of the what used to be Northminster. They have no knowledge of who used to be on this or that committee. They have no knowledge of, (we used to) do it or that this way here. Church visitors see only what the present church shows them. Those guests have no grounding in the past and the “we used to be this church kind of church” is irrelevant to them. Northminster shows its guests and visitors a living today church. That is so important. Let the past be our fond memory and the present to be the opportunity to create new invitations to make memories in future missions.

Northminster is a resurrection church. It has risen from what it used to be, to what it is becoming. The kingdom of God is alive here. Living in the hope of Christ’s message to love and care for one another is alive here. The promise of being Christ’s kingdom on earth can be seen and participated in, here. The church of the becoming is available to be dreamed and molded in this place. In short, the ability to create a future is alive here. Northminster has a God blessed future. People always want to be apart of something that is moving forward. Always look forward with vision. Keep up the excellent work Northminster. Christ is leading you to tomorrow. It is God who raised Jesus from the dead who gives the power to the church in its everpresent work of becoming new each day. That is the good news of the gospel, new life always and forever