One of the ways we live out our vision is through our Ministry Teams.

It takes more than just a small group of people to fulfill the ministry of Jesus Christ.  It takes everyone!

Ministry teams are more than just committees with a new name.  In a ministry team, you will find community, encouragement, support, love, and yes, opportunities to serve.

Below is a list of the various ministry teams and a brief description of the team’s work.

If you are interested in joining a team, please contact the office for more information!

This team is responsible for “disciple making.”  This is more than simply imparting information.  We strive in the Discipleship Team to help each other not only grow in faith and knowledge, but also to grow in our daily living of the faith.

This team is responsible for the ministry outside the walls of Northminster.  We strive on the Outreach Team to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in word and deed with those who are not currently a part of Northminster.  This ministry includes such things as mission, evangelism, and communication.

This team is responsible for the worship ministry of Northminster.  The Worship Team strives to provide worship and music that give glory to God and nourishes the soul. Although we have a more traditional service, we like to mix it up occasionally with Youth Sunday, Scout Sunday, Veteran’s Day or even a Christmas sing-a-long.

Come as you are, we wear jeans, we wear suits, we wear t-shirts or we wear dresses. It doesn’t matter how we’re dressed, we’re all here to worship with our church family.

This team is responsible for the ministry and care of people inside the walls of Northminster.  In the Fellowship Team we strive to support one another with fellowship, friendship, and encouragement.  This is the team that plans, potlucks, First Saturday Fellowships, etc.

Stewardship Team

This team is responsible for Northminster stewardship of God’s resources.  We are blessed with finances, a beautiful building, and a talented staff.  This team is charged with making the most of these resources.

Communications Team

The Communications Team keeps our Northminster family informed, engaged and active in our community. From outdoor signage to social and editorial media to simply letting our members know what’s happening at Northminster, our Communications Team is the outward face of our church.