We want young families! That is the common cry among mainline churches of today. We want to grow the church, is the second most common refrain heard by pastors today from our members. Where are they, is next on the list of common questions as to how to move the church forward into the future. In this post I have included some interesting charts with statistics. It explains some common traits among this “young generation.” I hope you will give the information a look and begin to see what our church must do to gain this generations confidence. Yep! Confidence! First of all, Millennials (those born between 1981-1997) ARE PEOPLE and many of them don’t like to be called, millennials. Second, they ARE DIVERSE. Third; hold on to your hats, THEY DO THINGS THEIR WAY. They don’t like to conform to rules, for rules sake.

Hence, church is full of rules and they don’t care for that. MOST important this generation is ACCEPTING of DIVERSITY in all areas of life. Sexual orientation, race, political thinking, gender identity, economic difference etc. are all areas that young folks don’t carry the values that other generations carry. Guess what? We “baby boomers” succeeded in passing along to this generation three very important values. 1. Love everyone. 2. Accept people for who they are. 3. Get along with everyone. So, where do we go with all this? First and most important, this generation has to be given permission to be who they are. They have to create and remix ideas and come up with a church of their liking. That said, our gift to the younger generation is to affirm, empower and provide a future legacy for them in the name of Christ.

The road ahead for Northminster as I see it, is to invite young folks to create their own church within the walls of this church. In order to do so, we must be prepared to let them invent what that looks like. We have to support them in this effort and be ready when they want to ZAG where we have always ZIG’D. All that said, I ask the support of this church in bringing on a young adult minister to begin the new future of Northminster. I am not sure what that future looks like. But, I do know that we have to empower a young leader to show us the way. I ask the session and our congregation to support this important mission. Yes, mission. This new mission effort is to pass the Gospel forward with all the assets of the church we can offer, dedicated to the next generations. How we accomplish this is in God’s hands. Believe me, we will need all that is in God purview to move forward with this worthy effort. God Bless! Pastor Mark