Facing the Future

Our mission is to support Christ, the head of our church. You are called by Jesus to help and serve His church. What is a call? It’s an inner feeling or awareness that our Lord needs our help and to serve others. I have faith in our future here at Northminster.  There are many compelling reasons I say this. Let me share some of our blessings as a church family:

  • We have a loving, caring and dedicated church family, willing to serve and sacrifice for the mission and others.  Jesus said, “A new commandment I give you”.
  • We have retired pastors in our congregation, willing to help guide us.
  • We have Elders who take their call seriously.  They are dedicated and devoted to Christ and his ministry through Northminster.
  • Equal is our board of Deacons – “slaves for Christ”.  Your Deacons are great!
  • We are blessed with an outstanding Church Administrator. Believe me, I should know, having served 7 interims.
  • Our church has a great music ministry with Music Director, Baker Purdon, and Sue Fine as back-up.
  • The organ, piano, our choir and other talented individuals can lift us to heaven.
  • Northminster’s Presbyterian Women is a wonderful, touching group filled with many dedicated lives.
  • Good fellowship programs:  JOY Group, Fall Gathering, Bible Studies, Friday Coffee Café
  • We have many outreach programs:  Metro Lutheran Ministry, SafeHaven, Northland Assistance Center to name a few. They need love and encouragement. The Jamaica Medical/Dental Mission – 2,000 persons served. Saints of the Past – they shared our hope and faith
  • Our Pastor Nominating Committee – you have called an excellent group. They need our prayers and support.  They are called to prepare our family for our next permanent Pastor.

We are well on our way to an exciting new era at Northminster.


Dr. Bob