Why Do You Go To Church?

This is a question that I am sure all of us have been asked more times than we can remember. It’s a question that the “asker” queries us, expecting to receive back a short answer. I believe that they often expect to hear something about Jesus in our reply.

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What Is Your Truth?

Today we have blogs, tweets, video messages and sermons that float about in the ether of the internet and offer up, “truths as individuals sees them.” It is important that we understand that today’s technologies that present “truth” may, in fact be a distortion of reality. These distortions are predicated [...]

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A Message from Pastor Mark…

Let me begin by saying how very pleased I am that you have chosen me to be your interim pastor! I really appreciated the warm chili reception and cake that you presented me with my first morning. My family and I feel very much at home here. You all have been very gracious in [...]

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